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Telecom Audits and Telecom Expense Management reduce telecom costs and expenditure.
One of the best kept secrets in the business today is the enormity and wide-spread nature of telecom billing errors.
What most astonishes the average business person once involved in billing disputes is the lengths to which a telecom carrier's revenue retention department will go to keep overcharged money; money they never deserved.
In what other business would it be acceptable to keep $250,000.00, or in some cases, millions in over billing and to explain it away as being the customer's fault because they didn't report it in a timely fashion; and then if reported, to then be told that it was not in writing, or sent to the right place, so sorry.
Think about the legal recourse you and I would suffer if we took that kind of money from someone.
The world of telecom has its own set of rules and if you are not current on telecom tariffs, codes, terms, conditions and business service guides, it is very easy, too easy, to become a victim of over billing.
"Knowledge is Power" - Sir Francis Bacon
Telecom Expense Billing and Contract Problems
Telecom Bill Auditing and phone bill anomalies and dispute intervention
phone bill problems
Did you know that many Telecom company's sales and billing representatives are not trained in the rules of service configurations.
This often results in end users being over billed or agreeing to contract elements for which they really don't have to pay.
Too often and when in doubt, a representative will just ask questions of the person next to them, frequently resulting in the perpetuation of misinformation.
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